Martijm and I worked on a short shorft film Siren together. I highly recommend this talented actor. Perfect expressions, movement, timing. Simply: a directors dream.
*Thomas Hiensch

As a director, I have worked with Martijm many times. He is one of the most talented and versatile actor I have ever worked with. I never have to worry about Martijms performance. It’s almost like he reads my mind every single time. The way he speaks with his eyes, non-verbal and the use of his voice to capture all subtleties of a character blows me away every time. As if that is not enough on top of that he always helps out the project on many different fronts and gives 110%! Martijm is never just an ‘actor’ he is an active partner in every project and that’s why I recommend him to every director who wishes for nothing less than quality and professionalism.
*Hakim Amir